On July 7, 2006, the NHAI and IDAAIPL entered into a concession agreement in respect of the Bharuch-Surat NH 8 Project. IDAAIPL was engaged to expand a 65.00 km section of NH 8 between Bharuch and Surat in Gujarat to four or six lanes on a BOT basis. Construction on the project commenced on January 2, 2007. The project was completed on March 14, 2011.

As per the relevant concession agreement, the Bharuch–Surat NH 8 Project comprises the section of NH 8 from km 198.00 to km 263.00. According to the Traffic Reports, the project features:

β€’ 47.35 km of six-lane carriageway
β€’ 17.65 km of four-lane carriageway
β€’ 27.5 km of service road
β€’ 14 major bridges
β€’ 33 minor bridges
β€’ 6 flyovers
β€’ 3 railway-over-bridges
β€’ 83 culverts
β€’ 10 pedestrian underpasses
β€’ 1 vehicular underpasses
β€’ 6 major intersections
β€’ 19 bus bays
β€’ 1 toll plaza complex